Everything you need to know to go flying with us.


What happens when I get there?

Here is a step by step guide...

  • Meet in the Landing Zone (LZ) Parking lot.
  • Check in. Sign waivers, re-check of weather conditions.
  • Meet your pilot. Take a 5-10 minute drive to top.
  • Take a 10 minute walk/hike up to the take-off site (Launch) (a certain level of fitness is required), you may be asked to help carry part of the flying gear (about 20-30lbs).
  • At launch your pilot will put you into your harness etc.
  • Take off procedures reviewed.
  • Take flight, enjoy air time flying from Mt. Zion (Lookout Mountain), views of Golden and Front Range.
  • Land in the field below. Share high-fives, and pack up gear.

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Do we just jump off a mountain?

No. A Paraglider is launched from regulated flying sites and together with the instructor, you take some running strides and are gently lifted off the ground as the glider begins to fly.

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How long does a flight last?

This varies with the weather, and a passenger's personal preference. If a paraglider pilot launches from the top of the mountain and is unable to find lift, he would find himself landing at the bottom in approximately 5-12 minutes. Fortunately, Lookout Mountain is frequently "soarable," meaning sustained glider flight is possible, leaving it up to the pilot to decide when to land. Flight time is generally between 15 and 25 minutes and can last longer if conditions allow (depending on lifting air). Count on the entire experience taking 1 1/2 - 2 hours (summer) from start to finish.

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A paraglider can go up?

A paraglider descends at approximately 200 feet per minute in still air. If the pilot is able to locate thermal air rising faster than this, they will float up with it. Heights of 300-3,000 feet above launch are not uncommon for this site.

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Can I bring my camera?

Sure! You'll need somewhere to stow it while launching and landing, and a tether of some sort is a good idea.

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Are there any restrictions?

We do have weight restrictions in place (from 70lbs. to 220lbs) depending on client fitness and weather conditions. Lighter weight people can be accommodated on an individual basis with approproiate weather conditions.

There is no legal age restriction.

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What do I need?

You will need sturdy footwear, long pants, wind breaker or light jacket, sun glasses, sun screen, water, and Camera (you'll be able to use it in flight). There is a short uphill hike to the takeoff site (with gear). A reasonable standard of fitness is required.

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download a handy guideDownload a printable sheet with a handy guide to "what you need to know" to fly.


Where do we meet?

Important Driving Directions: There is no address to the Open Space access to put in a GPS (if you put the cross streets of West 6th Ave. and 19th street, that will get you close and just know you are North of there on West 6th Ave. (which runs North and South in Golden)) . We meet in the parking area on the West side of 6th Ave, between 19th street and Colorado Hwy 58. You will see the open field (Landing Zone (LZ)).

From the South/East approach... it is an illegal left turn from 6th Ave. to park at the LZ! Please Drive a little further North and make a safe left turn into "Canyon side Condos" driveway and turn around to make a legal right turn to park. C-470 and 6th Avenue will end as highways and turn a North direction in Golden, about 1/4th of a mile past 19th street look for the LZ (wind socks and field) and parking area West of the road.

From the North (Highways 93, I-70/58 arrive NW of Downtown Golden at the lighted intersection where you can drive West to Blackhawk. Continue/turn South from this intersection on 6th Ave. to the parking area on your right (wind socks).

From the West (I-70) Coming out of the Mountains take the exit (260 May also say C-470) for West 6th Ave. Stay to your left after the clover leaf exit to merge with 6th Ave (West). Then follow the directions for arriving from the South (your 2nd light is 19th street).

Here's a map...


Download a handy guideDownload a printable sheet with easy directions to our meeting site.

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